Jun 22

Google Feed Specification 2020 Updates

Each year Google updates their Google Merchant Center (GMC) feed specification with modest changes to how merchants should submit their product data. This year is no different and Google has just announced the changes as follows: Changes available now:Two new attributes are now available to submit: product_highlight and product_detail. These attributes let you submit additional product data to Google in a generic fashion. product_highlight allows you to submit bulleted lists of product highlights. product_detail ...

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May 07

Free Product Listings on Google Shopping

Google recently announced that they now offer an option for Free Product Listings on Google Shopping. This change went into effect in the US at the end of April with an expected Global rollout by the end of the year. What does this mean? Some of the digital real estate on the Google Shopping tab is now free through the “Surfaces across Google” program in the Merchant Center. What does it NOT mean? That Google ...

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Feb 13

Structured Data Help for Google Price/Availability Suspensions

Part 2 of our Google Merchant Center inaccurate price/availability suspension warning screencast series. Here we cover the gory details of what Google expects your structured data to look like, including examples with variants (size/color variations that may be priced differently). Links referenced in the video: Part 1: Google Suspension Warnings for Price/Availability GMC Structured Data OverviewGMC and Schema.org Attributes ExplainedGoogle Structured Data Testing Tool

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Feb 10

Google Suspension Warnings for Price/Availability

This video discusses Google Merchant Center suspension warnings for price and/or availability violations. John reviews the various parts of your website and data feed to help merchants understand what the real issues are and how to fix. Part 2: Structured Data Help for Google Price/Availability Suspensions

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Oct 31

VersaFeed Image IQ

Image IQ is a VersaFeed technology that modifies merchant images to be more customer engaging and channel compliant. By ensuring your products have the best possible images, merchants can drive more clicks and sales. Image IQ primarily works on three common image problems: 1 Backgrounds Merchant images are often shot with grey or beige backdrops and/or lifestyle elements. However, most advertising channels (Google Shopping included) need images to have white or transparent backgrounds. To ...

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Oct 03

Setting up Google Ads KPI Integration

This article provides technical details on how to add Google Ads KPI's to your VersaFeed account (an overview of the feature in general can be found here). Please click here to login and read the full article. Not a current client or agency? Contact VersaFeed today to see how we can help with your Google product feed.

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Oct 02

VersaFeed's FeedBack system now integrates Google Shopping campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) like ROAS, Revenue, Cost, and other metrics. Using these KPIs, VersaFeed clients can create Custom Labels, view reports, and generally integrate advanced performance-based logic into their Google Shopping campaign strategies. Please click here to login and read the full article. Not a current client or agency? Contact VersaFeed today to see how we can help with your Google product feed.

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Jul 11

New Feed Destination: To Dupe, Or Not To Dupe?

When delivering a product feed to a new destination VersaFeed clients have two options: (A)Create a "dupe" feed. — This is not actually creating another feed within the VersaFeed system, but simply sending an already existing feed to another destination. This is done by adding "Secondary Destinations" within the "Feed Settings" config.(B)Create a new feed. — Actually have the VersaFeed team create a new full-fledged feed. The new feed can be modeled to be ...

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Mar 08

How to Copy/Paste Product IDs for Promotions, Exclusions, Etc.

The video below details how to copy large sets of product identifiers (SKU, "group id", MPN, GTIN/UPC) from a spreadsheet into the VersaFeed system. This is commonly done to create Google Promotions, exclude items, or other feed modifications/optimizations that require operating on a large subset of product identifiers. More info on determining product identifiers.

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Mar 08

Determining Product Identifiers (SKU, "group id", MPN, GTIN/UPC)

The video below helps clients and agencies determine what product identifier to utilize when creating rules to modify your product data feeds. By explaining how you can determine if a code is a SKU, "group id", MPN, or GTIN/UPC the video enables users to select the appropriate product identifier when making any feed modification that is selected via a list of product codes.

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Apr 08

Sending Secure Messages to VersaFeed

Please utilize the following method to send secure messages to VersaFeed (usernames, passwords, etc.): 1.Login to your VersaFeed account here:​https://www.versafeed.com/clients/login/NOTE: If you do not have a VersaFeed account please contact your account manager to create one.2.Click "Help"3.Click "Contact Us"4.Click "Secure Message"5.In the "Message Body" specify any confidential information you wish (all message fields are encrypted).

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Apr 04

Bing Product Ads Creation and Configuration

On 3/26/14 Bing announced that Product Ads (Bing's equivalent to Google Product Listing Ads) are now available to all U.S. retailers. This is great news! The steps below will guide the configuration process needed to launch. NOTE: For additional help Bing has created a 3 part video series here: Create a Merchant Center StoreUpload Your Product CatalogCreate a Product Ads Campaign General Login 1.Login to Bing Ads by visiting this ...

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Mar 26

Google Shopping Campaigns: Best Practices

Use Performance Metrics Sales: Check your sales vs. spend statistics often and adjust bidding as needed. The best part of Google Shopping Campaigns (GSC) is the newly available performance tracking metrics. Select the "Dimensions" tab and then change the dropdown "View" to "Shopping" and select "Product Type", "Brand", or "Item ID". Note: Make sure your AdWords conversion tracking is configured properly! » https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1722054 Click "Columns" then "Customize Columns" and make ...

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Mar 21

Google Shopping Campaigns: Details

CreationGoogle Shopping Campaigns (GSC) can be created by clicking"+ Campaign" then "Shopping" within AdWords. After the new campaign is created, new options of note are: 1.Campaign priority: If there are multiple Google Shopping Campaigns with bids on the same items, this setting chooses which campaign will receive priority. Previously, the highest bid would always be used.2.Inventory filter: prevents items in the feed from even reaching this AdWords campaign). VersaFeed recommends leaving this ...

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Jan 29

Getting Started with GSM

Your new GSM Google Shopping campaign is active and has started receiving impressions and clicks. The campaign is accumulating statistics which can be analyzed in the future with GSM to fine tune your bidding and maximize ROI. What now? We've outlined some tools and tips below on getting started with GSM... Bid Management and Product Grouping With GSM, bids are set at the ad group level and these groups will correlate directly with AdWords ...

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