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Full-Service Product Feed Management

At VersaFeed, your data is in good hands. From product import to feed delivery, our expert teams of engineers and support specialists are fully equipped to handle the complexities of managing your feeds so you can focus on other things, like growing your business.

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White Glove Onboarding

Client onboarding is 100% turnkey and all aspects are full service.

First-Class Support Team

Our solutions-oriented account teams are staffed with industry veterans.

Proactive Monitoring

Entire lifecycle of the feed is monitored from import to export.

Error Resolution

Responsive dev and account teams actively resolve any issues.


Our powerful platform offers endless data manipulation options in an intuitive interface


Artificial Intelligence

  • Harness the power of ChatGPT and other AI models to enhance your product feeds, website PDP's, and product review intel, and more!
  • Our AI platform offers a seamless integration with feed rules, prompt engineering tools, and project-based management.
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  • Automated rules apply best practice enhancements and clean challenging data
  • Our Feed Modifications rule options are endless: Pricing changes/mapping, Shipping mods, Title tweaks, Product_Type changes, Custom Labels, Merchant Promotions, URL tagging for tracking, etc.

Product Categorization

  • Custom rules and automation ensure products are all accurately categorized per channel.
  • Our proactive account teams stay on top of any platform categorization specs updates and taxonomy changes.

Supplemental Files

  • Join data from multiple sources to flow into product feed and use in business logic rules. Many file types are supported: flat files (CSV/TSV/XLSX), spreadsheets, and more.
  • This feature is utilized for many various scenarios including pricing overrides, dynamic bulk exclusions, KPI integrations for Custom Label strategies, filling in missing data and various testing strategies.


  • Products are easily removed – for whatever reason – on a feed-by-feed basis, or across the board
  • Exclusion Summaries per feed give quick snapshots into excluded items and their applicable exclusion rules
Feed Modifications

Automated rules apply best-practice enhancement and limitless campaign management opportunities


Cleaning & Optimizing for Ad Display & Search Relevance


Product Segmentation for Campaign Management


Maximize Opportunities with Fully Maxed-Out Feeds

Platform Tools

For hands-on marketers, we provide access to powerful tools in the VersaFeed platform


Import, upload, and export your product feeds and custom data.

Supplemental Files

Pull in additional data sources including spreadsheets, databases and CSV.


Automatically diagnose and monitor GMC errors and warnings


Limitless feed editing options to maximize the effectiveness of your data


Filter out items from feeds to streamline costs and data processing


Easily locate items from feeds and see coverage summaries

Delivering feeds to search engines, social platforms, affiliate networks & more

Our full-scale offering of omnichannel product feeds means your products can be anywhere—and everywhere—you want them to be.