About VersaFeed

Founded in 2006, VersaFeed is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. With over 150 merchants under active feed management, VersaFeed maintains an extensive server farm using Amazon cloud computing services. VersaFeed generates thousands of feeds daily and can process product catalogs in excess of 10 million items.

How We're Different

VersaFeed was founded by a core of seasoned engineers. We provide first rate tools, rapid turnaround times, and best-in-class account management and support.


75% of feed change requests are handled within 24 hours. 90% within 2 days. Our engineering team is serious about delivering results when needed most.

Managed Services

Need changes to your current feed setup ASAP? VersaFeed account managers do all the dirty work for you in a timely manner.

Full Transparency

Hands-on clients log in to use our powerful online dashboard to analyze their data and enact changes when needed.


Over the last 17 years VersaFeed has been grateful to partner with many of the world's leading ecommerce providers and SEM agencies. These engagements have allowed VersaFeed to work with a variety of IR500 merchants, push the boundaries on data feed optimization, and help ensure that our clients are receiving maximum product visibility and cutting-edge feed optimizations.

VersaFeed offers agencies white-label services, various pricing discounts,
and multi-client accounts for easier bulk management of your client portfolio.
If you are an agency looking for a strong data feed partner, please contact us.

Clients & Testimonials

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