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Supercharge Your Product Data with AI

Version is VersaFeed's custom AI toolset that leverages large language model technology to enrich your product feeds and website. Utilize Version to:

  • Enhance product titles, descriptions, and categories
  • Extract key product details from images
  • Create SEO tags, product highlights, and manage user reviews
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AI Feeds

Improve your product feeds with AI enhancements

Version enables retailers to augment their product feeds by enhancing titles, descriptions, and categories, utilizing custom LLMs and publicly available ones such as ChatGPT-4.

Enhance Titles

Boost keywords and search relevance by adding essential product details

Improve Descriptions

Guarantee optimal length, tone, grammar, and style

Refine Translations

Easily manage challenging language translations with Version

Additional Attributes

Automatically generate bulleted lists for product highlights with Version

AI website

Auto-magically enhance website copy and metadata

Version also helps merchants with their live, onsite product pages–not just feeds!


Employ Version to craft perfect product titles that boost conversions on your site


Tailor descriptions to be relevant for upcoming holidays or seasonal trends


Use Version to create or refine SEO meta tags, enhancing search engine visibility and relevance

AI Reviews

Make product reviews useful with AI summaries

Version can also generate concise summaries of your existing product reviews. While customers love reading reviews, they can’t read them all:

Version can distill thousands of reviews into succinct, actionable summaries that boost conversions and decrease product returns.

Previously only accessible by tech players like NewEgg and Amazon, now with Version, your company can also harness the power of automated review summaries!

Delivering feeds to search engines, social platforms, affiliate networks & more

Our full-scale offering of omnichannel product feeds means your products can be anywhere—and everywhere—you want them to be.