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Sep 18 2023

Integrating Your Catalog with Amazon and Other Marketplaces

VersaFeed believes that keeping data feed companies and marketplace integrators separate is in everyone's best interest. These two types of channels require very different tech, and merchants deserve a best-in-class solution for feeds AND marketplaces. And, while some companies do provide "all in one" solutions, we have seen the significant challenges merchants face when using these impractical tools.

To that end, VersaFeed maintains relationships with several marketplace tech providers: interested in listing your inventory on Amazon, Walmart, Target+, or eBay? Check out these partner recommendations:

Plugin or "App" providers

This new methodology is extremely inexpensive but requires that your ecommerce platform is either Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or (sometimes) Magento. These providers offer limited support, however, they can be a decent way to test drive marketplace functionality without breaking the bank. VersaFeed recommends the following companies in this space:

Full-service integrators

These full-fledged solution providers cost more, but can often handle enterprise workflows and have more support. VersaFeed recommends the following companies in this space:

By using VersaFeed and the recommended partners above, you can ensure your company receives superior technology in both data feeds and marketplaces!

Interested in discussing ways to integrate your VersaFeed product catalog with one of the best-in-class marketplace providers listed above? Contact us today.