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Feb 12 2024

Extracting Product Details from Images using AI

An image is worth a thousand words – but extracting those words can be a royal pain! How many times do clients have excellent product images but lackluster descriptions, or even missing color/material/pattern data? We're pleased to a…

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Sep 20 2023

Is Amazon Right for Your Business?

Each year, VersaFeed helps businesses explore the Amazon Marketplace and evaluate the challenges it presents.  We even maintain a list of marketplace providers that we partner with. However, many businesses decide the risk is no…

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Sep 18 2023

Integrating Your Catalog with Amazon and Other Marketplaces

VersaFeed believes that keeping data feed companies and marketplace integrators separate is in everyone's best interest. These two types of channels require very different tech, and merchants deserve a best-in-class solution for feeds AND …

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Jun 30 2023

Buy on Google Ending

Buy on Google will be sunsetting September 26, 2023.Here’s what you need to know: Current participants: No action is needed.Listings on Search or Shopping will cease t…

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