Jun 30

Buy on Google Ending

Buy on Google will be sunsetting September 26, 2023. Here’s what you need to know:

  • For current participants, listings on Search or Shopping will cease to show the Buy on Google option as of 9/26/23. No action is needed.
  • You can terminate participation in this program sooner than 9/26 if you would like using support
  • All order data will be available through 9/26/24 (one year post program ending)
  • For any advertisers currently in the process of launching with Buy on Google, you will be removed from onboarding.
Google seems hopeful this will be replaced by a new streamlined checkout experience that was announced last year at Google Marketing Live. Consumers will be taken directly to the merchants checkout flow on the site with the product already added to the shopping cart. To join this pilot, fill out the Checkout Interest Form here.

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