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Aug 08 2023

Shopping Ads Badges and Annotations Guide

We’ve aggregated the most common PLA badges and annotations for you in the graphic above to identify their official names and we’ve covered each in detail within one of our blog articles.

As always, our blogs are intended to give you meaningful context on topics - we do not simply regurgitate what Google Help Center articles have to say. There’s obviously a lot of behind the scenes information involved with each so feel free to reach out to your VersaFeed team with any questions or follow-ups needed!

Quick links to each blog article below:

  1. Sale Price - Learn more about the Sale Price badge and how it differs from the Merchant Promotion.
  2. Free Shipping - Find out how to easily promote Free Shipping on your PLA.
  3. Merchant Promotion - Understand how to set up a Merchant Promotion.
  4. Fast & Free Shipping - Check out what is needed for this badge to show.
  5. Product Ratings - Learn the ins and outs of the stars on the bottom of PLAs.
  6. Curbside Pick up (LIA) - Find out how to promote this on your Local Inventory Ads.
  7. In Store (LIA) - Discover what this badge means and how it is triggered.
  8. Returns - Understand the nuances of this annotation on the PLA.
  9. Price Drop - Figure out how these badges show up and what it means.
  10. Pick up Today - Learn the difference between "Pick up today" and In store".