Aug 02

Local Inventory Ads Badge + Annotations

Google makes it easy to take advantage of badges on Shopping ads and Free Listings promoting Local products. Consumers will see Local Shopping ads when the item they’re searching for is available nearby. Google lets you know this a Local ad by using the following badges:

  • In store

    • Pick up today
      • Curbside
      • Pick up later

      • In store

        Products with this badge on the ad indicate to customers that they can purchase this product in a store that is close to where they are physically located at the moment of the search. Google uses geo-location tracking to pin-point users’ location and then relies on a combination of Google Business addresses and local inventory feed information to power the ads. More info:

        • This badge will sometimes call out the distance to the nearby store in certain circumstances.

          • Products can be both purchased online to be shipped and/or are available in nearby stores.

            • This badge can reflect products that can only be purchased in store (no ecommerce checkout available) - see more about Google Hosted Local Inventory Ads here.

              • It’s also used for on display at the nearby store when you have the option to buy it online. In certain situations these may be shown with an “Available to order” badge - see more here.

              • Pick up today

                COVID accelerated the “Buy Online Pickup in Store” (BOPIS) movement for retailers. When a purchase can be made on the PDP but the consumer can pick it up at the nearby store vs. having to wait for it to be shipped, Google will add “Pick up today” to the product listing. More info:

                • Additional feed attributes are utilized for this such as [pickup_method] and [pickup_sla] and must be opted in to.

                  • You must offer same day or next day pickup from the time the order is placed

                    • An additional “curbside” or “curbside pickup” badge can be used for retailers offering Curbside or Contactless pickup options.
                      • A Google rep is needed to help implement this on the back end.
                      • Google is offering a “Pick up later” option if the product can be shipped to the store for in store pick up at a later time.

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