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Jan 18 2023

Google Merchant Promotions for Local Inventory Ads

With Google’s Local Promotions moving from beta to a full-fledged feature, merchants running Local Inventory Ads now have the option to display promotions that are redeemable either online, in store, or both.

Local promotions may be submitted either manually in Google Merchant Center or via a Google Sheets local promotions feed template that is easy to fill in with your promotion details. Once the Google sheet is updated, you can upload to the GMC in the promotions feeds area:

These promotions can vary from a percentage or dollar amount off the purchase price to cash back or a free gift. Note that local promotions must still meet the 5% or $5 minimum discount threshold that applies to all Google Shopping promos. These promotions will look exactly like the online merchant promotions, but just show on the LIA ads. When clicked through, it may look something like this:

Rules for standard Merchant Promotions still apply to local promotions, with a few additional required pieces of information:

Check Google’s Help Center for more information on setting up local promotions.