Jan 23

AI Language Translations for Product Feeds

Translating product titles into relevant languages for targeted locations and users is a Google Best Practice and is likely to yield a stronger CTR. Google allows separate feeds to be uploaded for different languages, but keep in mind that your product landing pages must be in the same language as your product data. For example, if you list your product data in French, you must link to landing pages in French.

VersaFeed’s new ChatGPT integration adds the ability to translate product attributes at scale into other languages. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual translations to be provided as a supplemental file and ensures that as new products are added to a merchant’s site, no additional labor is required to update them.

The internet is buzzing about how superior ChatGPT translations are compared to Google Translate and DeepL. We are excited to be able to offer VersaFeed’s ChatGPT feed integration not only for product attribute enhancements but also language translation.

How Can ChatGPT Help Your Company's Product Feeds?

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