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Nov 29 2023

VersaFeed Unveils New AI Tool to Save Clients Hundreds of Hours

San Francisco, CA, November 28th, 2023: VersaFeed, a leading ad-tech provider for ecommerce retailers, today announces a new feature to its proprietary product data feed management platform: ChatGPT integration. The first product feed company to seamlessly integrate with ChatGPT, Versafeed now enables merchants to save hundreds of hours with the ability to easily update product titles, descriptions, and even category information across entire data catalogs in a matter of minutes.

VersaFeed processes product catalog information from large Fortune 500 companies and refines that data for advertising channels such as Google, Meta, and TikTok. However, optimizing product data, like updating product titles to make them more descriptive, can consume enormous staff hours, based on the sheer volume of products. With ChatGPT, VersaFeed clients can now use AI to optimize product data exactly as needed, straight from the dashboard. And if the changes aren’t satisfactory the first time, they can simply revise their ChatGPT prompts (ie. “include product colors in the title”) until they get the desired outcome. Tasks that would’ve taken months to complete can now be done in minutes—and at scale across an entire catalog.

In testing, product titles crafted by ChatGPT resulted in a 13.7% increase in ad impressions and a similar rise for conversions. The performance lift was even more pronounced for retailers with poorly worded product titles across large product sets.

"Clients and ad agencies always want to rewrite product titles because it can boost web traffic," noted John Kleven, CEO of VersaFeed. "However, an employee with writing skills and domain knowledge has to do the rewrite, which takes time. ChatGPT does it in milliseconds and can even fine-tune the title for specific sales events like Mother's Day or Christmas. That extra traffic makes a big difference to the bottom line," he concluded.

VersaFeed’s ChatGPT tool is currently free to all clients, but pricing is subject to change. The company provides product feed management to large enterprise merchants and brands, with services starting at $1,995/month.

About VersaFeed

VersaFeed Inc. was founded in 2007 and offers full-service product feed management for enterprise brands and merchants. VersaFeed processes millions of products per day, converting product data into optimized catalogs for advertising on platforms like Google, Bing, Meta, TikTok, and more.