Nov 08

Beauty Virtual Try-On Experience for Google PLAs

After much anticipation, Google is now offering beauty brands a way to interact virtually with their mobile shoppers via Free Listings and Shopping Ads. AR beauty features were introduced nearly three years ago; however, only recently has any information been released about participation requirements. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A Google Manufacturer Center account is required with proper set-up including linking to your Google Merchant Center account.
  • Partnership with Perfect Corp or PulpoAR for the 3P AR assets who will automatically pass assets for each product to your Google Manufacturer Center account. GMAC account access must be shared with your partner.
  • Virtual try-on assets are currently eligible to serve in Free Listings and Shopping Ads on mobile devices only. Virtual try-on for Shopping Ads is currently in beta and limited to select beauty related product categories.

VersaFeed can help ensure your Google Manufacturer Center is correctly linked with Google Merchant Center and other details involved in this process. Want to learn more about how to maximize your product feed to its fullest potential? Get in touch with a VersaFeed sales engineer today for more information!

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