Oct 05

New Feature: VersaFeed ChatGPT Integration

VersaFeed is thrilled to announce our new integration with ChatGPT for data feed optimization!

Merchants and brands using VersaFeed can now utilize ChatGPT to rewrite product titles, descriptions, and categories straight from the VersaFeed.com dashboard. This unlocks a wide array of sophisticated features like:

  • Creating more SEO rich product titles
  • Tailoring product titles to align with certain holidays (e.g., "ChatGPT, make this title relevant to Father's Day")
  • Updating product descriptions that might be poorly worded, too short, or lacking critical keywords
  • Shortening product titles for low character count channels (e.g., certain display and social networks)
  • Re-categorizing (GPC or product_type) products to be more specific or accurate
  • Executing language translations, grammar corrections, and more

You can ask ChatGPT to modify your data exactly the way you want, receiving almost instant results. If changes aren't satisfactory, you can simply revise your ChatGPT request: e.g., "shorten it further" "avoid vague marketing language", "be more relevant to apparel”. Tasks that would've taken months to complete can now be done in minutes— and at scale across your entire catalog!

In the past, it was easy to see where product catalog data fell short. However, actually tasking a merchandising/catalog team to rectify data shortcomings was daunting. Only with the introduction of Large Language Model AI systems like ChatGPT are we starting to find a solution to this longstanding issue: the need for intelligent human based catalog updates, without sufficient human resources!

VersaFeed is thrilled to be the first data feed company to seamlessly integrate with ChatGPT. Want to learn more about employing ChatGPT to improve your product feeds? Get in touch with a VersaFeed sales engineer today for more information!

How Can ChatGPT Help Your Company's Data Feeds?

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