Apr 12

VersaFeed Integration with Buy on Google

VersaFeed supports Buy on Google in several ways. VersaFeed will optimize and tune your product feed -- taking your standard Google Merchant Center feed and getting it ready for Buy on Google listings. The product feed is the primary method of sending product information to Google and is therefore critical to a successful Buy on Google rollout.

VersaFeed does the following to prepare a merchant for Buy on Google:

Begin to increase the frequency of product updates being pushed into Google Merchant Center. Now that your store is entering the world of marketplace transactions, you will have two distinct sellers of your products: your website as well as Buy on Google.

Because of this, you want minimize the possibility of running out of stock on your website, and then allowing Buy on Google ads to sell additional items that don't exist. To remove this issue, VersaFeed does the following:

Send product quantity status to Google more frequently — By frequently updating Google with product stock status, VersaFeed ensures Google has up-to-date information and won’t sell products you don’t have in stock.
Pre-emptively removing items with low stock from Buy on Google — VersaFeed algorithms can detect when an item is rapidly approaching quantity 0. In those cases, VersaFeed will remove the item from Buy on Google before it hits 0 quantity as a safety measure.
Build out your Google feed with the required attributes including min_handling_time, max_handling_time, sell_on_google_quantity, and included_destination. These attributes are required to participate in Buy on Google.

Work with your team to understand all the merchant level integration options that are available. Our next blog post details what steps the merchant must take to integrate with Buy on Google. Our team can provide hands-on advice for the 3 methods that are available.

Debug, finalize, test, and success! A successful Buy on Google rollout requires an array of technical expertise and VersaFeed helps smooth out any bumps in the road. Buy on Google is a rarely a set it and forget it operation; our reps will help debug, test, and fix issues during both deployment and ongoing operations.

Interested in pursuing Buy on Google for your online store? Talk to a VersaFeed rep today or continue reading additional VersaFeed articles here and here.

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