Nov 07

VersaFeed & Google Local Inventory Ads

Google Local Inventory Ads ("LIA") show ads on Google to potential customers who may be interested in purchasing items from nearby physical store locations. If your retail business does significant in-store transactions and/or has many brick and mortar locations, LIA could be used to drive increased foot traffic to stores and a very important revenue stream.

LIA has existed since 2014 and has grown significantly since then. Google continues to add features to LIA (including Curbside Pickup and Buy Online, Pick Up in Store options) and actively promote it — meaning it is likely a technology that Google is embracing for the long haul and therefore worthy of the integration time required.

How VersaFeed helps merchants integrate with Google Local Inventory Ads:

LIA requires a mix of various data feeds all with different requirements. Merchants usually have this data but it's often buried deep within their ecomm platforms. VersaFeed can help you track this data down, review it for accuracy, parse, reformat, and finally send your new LIA data feeds to Google.

  • VersaFeed will write custom parsers for your data layer, enabling your IT team to simply deliver unformatted product and inventory data to VersaFeed and letting our feed engineers take it from there.

  • VersaFeed account managers work with Google reps to answer and interpret challenging questions and ensure you are in compliance with LIA requirements 24/7.

  • VersaFeed monitors LIA feeds and performance via both automated computer algorithms and hands-on account manager reviews.

  • VersaFeed knows the tips and tricks to make LIA compliance easier. For example, Google requirements for "stock on hand" do not need to be exact -- they are simply bucketed into 3 brackets ("in stock", "limited availability", and "out of stock"). Using these and other Google-approved methods can make LIA listings a much easier undertaking.

Let VersaFeed tackle Google Local Inventory Ads complexities for your business. Contact us today for more information.

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