Dec 07

New Discovery Campaigns Use Product Feeds

While Discovery Ads on Google isn’t technically a new concept, the ability to leverage your product feed to tailor these ads around products is. Here’s a quick overview of what Discovery Campaigns are about:

  • Ads can show across multiple Google Properties in places where consumers would be browsing their favorite content:
  • This campaign would align more closely with display as the placements are visually engaging and based on where they are shown.

  • Google intends for you to leverage AI learning and audiences to determine who sees these ads.
Since this "Product Feed Based Discovery Campaign" is new (Google refers to it as a "beta"), you need to start fresh with a brand new Discovery campaign (vs. trying to convert a previously existing Discovery Campaign for this). Consider adding the attributes below to your feed for maximum effect - but make sure these are added to the feed before creating the campaign in Google Ads.

  • Add [short_title] to your feed to briefly and clearly identify the product you are selling. This is the time to leave out the variant related information in the title.

    • If you have access to lifestyle versions of your products' images, leverage the [lifestyle_image_link] attribute to ensure the images the consumer will see won't seem out of place.

    • Let your VersaFeed team know if we can help make these adjustments to your Google feed before you begin trying out Google’s newest program addition.

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