Feb 22

Marketplace Support for VersaFeed Clients

VersaFeed is pleased to announce support for marketplaces through three new vendor partnerships. These partnerships enable VersaFeed clients to participate in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

VersaFeed scoured the web looking for best-in-class partners: we reviewed forums, blogs, industry newsletters, and even spoke with senior leadership at many marketplace vendors. The three marketplace partners below are the best in a huge field of contenders.

(VersaFeed receives no compensation or referrals from these vendors, they were chosen solely on their technical and service merits.)


Founded in 2010, this New Jersey based marketplace provider offers both plug and play integrations as well as custom integrations. Their professional services team can offer heavy customizations for enterprise class merchants.


Founded in 2005, this UK based marketplace provider connects to many channels, ecommerce platforms, shipping couriers and more.


Founded in 2013, Sellbrite has a strong foundation in Shopify and WooCommerce integrations. They offer high quality plugins to list on Amazon and eBay quickly and cost effectively.

VersaFeed recommends talking to all three partners to see which is the best fit for your business. Consider factors such as pricing models, integrations, and service. Your VersaFeed rep may also have a specific partner recommendation based on your company. Email or call VersaFeed to receive direct contact information for each new partner noted above.

Please note that each vendor will have their own fees that are not included as part of VersaFeed service. In addition, as with all marketplace vendors, a fairly significant level of integration can be required to fully participate in marketplace transactions.

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