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Feb 12 2024

Extracting Product Details from Images using AI

An image is worth a thousand words – but extracting those words can be a royal pain! How many times do clients have excellent product images but lackluster descriptions, or even missing color/material/pattern data? We're pleased to a…

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Apr 25 2022

Solutions for Availability Restrictions

The steps below can solve for the situations where: The ability to ship a product depends upon the location of the shipping address (referred to as ‘Region’). The price of a product is consistent across all locations and …

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Apr 08 2022

Inaccurate Availability Warnings for Regional Shipping Limitations

Websites selling items that limit shipping based on location alone will have another hoop they will need to know how to jump through to advertise with Google Shopping ads. A common example of this is any website selling alcohol that can be…

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Feb 13 2020

Structured Data Help for Google Price/Availability Suspensions

Part 1:  Google Suspension Warnings for Price/Availability Part 2 of our Google Merchant Center inaccurate price/availability suspension warning screencast series Here we cover the gory details of what Google expects your s…

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Feb 10 2020

Google Suspension Warnings for Price/Availability

Part 1 of discussing Google Merchant Center suspension warnings for price and/or availability violations John reviews the various parts of your website and data feed to help merchants understand what the real issues are and how to fix. …

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Jan 10 2017

Using FeedBack to Chart, Diagnose, and Fix Google Data Feeds

VersaFeed has released a powerful new feature called FeedBack, which enables merchants to see detailed information on the health and status of their data feed. FeedBack will appear as a new top-level menu item in the client accounts and ca…

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