Jul 08

Google Product Search Seller Ratings, Part 2

Last blog we discussed the best methods to have "seller ratings" listed next to your products on Google Product Search. We focused on two methods: using Google Checkout, and using ResellerRatings.com. This article will focus on the first option, Google Checkout.

While Google Checkout doesn't seem like a product that has anything to do with customer reviews, it actually does. Part of the Google Checkout system includes automated emails which request reviews from your customers about their shopping experience on your website. These reviews then get summarized as a seller rating on Google Product Search.

Please familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of Google Checkout noted in the first blog entry on seller ratings. If you're still on-board, here are some steps to integrate Google Checkout into your online store:

1)  Talk to your ecommerce service provider.
If you are running your ecommerce platform via a hosting company or "canned" shopping solution, talk to these service providers first. Many times, they've already integrated Google Checkout into their backend and can turn it on for your company with the click of a switch. Here is a partial list of ecommerce software companies that easily integrate with Google Checkout.

2)  Push them to provide a solution if they don't.
Even if you don't see your hosting company's information in the link above, make sure you at least ask your hosting company or shopping cart provider if they have Google Checkout integration. You can also submit a request to Google to prod your ecommerce platform to offer a Google Checkout solution.

3)  Talk to your website developer.
If the above options don't work, you will need to speak with your web development team to integrate Google Checkout. They can find information on this process here.

For any of the above options, you will need to officially signup for Google Checkout. During the signup process you will receive account information that you will need to give to either your ecommerce provider or your web development team.

If you are using the VersaFeed service please contact us once you are accepting Google Checkout on your website. We will then modify your data feeds to ensure that this new payment method is listed.

Keep in mind that once you get Google Checkout up and running, it can still be weeks or even months before enough reviews are collected for Google Product Search to begin displaying your seller rating.

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