Jun 22

Verify Your Website URL with Google

In order to claim your website URL in Google Merchant Center you first need to verify your URL with Google Webmaster Tools. This is Google's way to ensure you have ownership of a website in order to use their suite of website tools like Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics.

It's relatively painless, but you do need access to your website admin area:

Log into Google Webmaster Tools.
(Note: Make sure to use the same login email that is associated with the Merchant Center account for which you wish to verify the URL. The email is at the top-right of the page.)
Click the Add a site button.
Determine and enter the exact URL to verify.
(Note: Verifying http://www.example.com only covers the www sub-host and any paths underneath, but not the entire domain. To cover the entire domain, you must verify and claim the root domain, e.g. http://example.com)
Follow one of the 4 options to verify the website:
  • Upload an HTML file to your server
  • Add a tag to your site's home page
  • Link to your Google Analytics account
  • Add a DNS record to your domain's configuration
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