Dec 13

Linking Google Merchant Center with Google Checkout

Linking your Google Merchant Center (aka, Google Base or Google Product Search) account with your Google Checkout account can provide the following benefits:

  • Product listings in Google Product Search can appear with the Google Checkout badge.
  • It helps establish a Google "seller rating" for your Google Merchant Center account.
  • Product listings can be filtered in Google Product Search via "Show Only Google Checkout" links.

To link the accounts:

Login to Google Checkout and copy your "Merchant ID" from the top right corner (it's a long sequence of numbers).
Login to Google Merchant Center, expand the "Settings" area and then click "Checkout". If you use the same login information for both Google Checkout and Google Merchant Center, click "Sell your content using your Checkout account." If you use different accounts for both, click "Sell your content using another merchant's Checkout account" and paste in your Google Checkout Merchant ID from step (1) above. Click "Save Changes."
Go back to your Google Checkout Account, click "Settings" then "Merchant Center". Ensure that you see your Merchant Center account listed there (you may have to click "accept" or similar).
Your accounts are now linked. Keep in mind that other stipulations must be met to realize all of the benefits of linking Merchant Center with Checkout, however, for most retailers this should suffice.

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