Jan 23

AI Language Translations for Product Feeds

Translating product titles into relevant languages for targeted locations and users is a Google Best Practice and is likely to yield a stronger CTR. Google allows separate feeds to be uploaded for different languages, but keep in mind that your product landing pages must be in the same language as your product data. For example, if you list your product data in French, you must link to landing pages in French. VersaFeed’s new ChatGPT ...

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Jan 08

Scientific A/B Testing for Products Feeds and PLAs

How often do A/B tests run only to yield inconclusive data? Especially in the data feed and PLA world, the problem is prevalent. VersaFeed's new Dynamic Experiment solution solves this problem once and for all. Our dynamic system will rotate experiments on/off randomly, through the entire test period, thus ensuring that there's no outside influences. Here's the process: 1You choose ONE set of products that will contain both your test ...

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Oct 05

Using ChatGPT to Enhance Google & Social Feeds

With ChatGPT becoming ubiquitous across the digital landscape, VersaFeed researched the most effective ways to integrate this tech into paid media data feeds. Our early testing indicates that product titles, categories, and descriptions can be successfully enhanced with ChatGPT to improve KPIs. While this early testing has been limited and drawing broad conclusions would be premature, we have found: [Title] enhancements are most effective for boosting impressions and trafficChatGPT can be used to create unique ...

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Oct 05

New Feature: VersaFeed ChatGPT Integration

VersaFeed is thrilled to announce our new integration with ChatGPT for data feed optimization! Merchants and brands using VersaFeed can now utilize ChatGPT to rewrite product titles, descriptions, and categories straight from the VersaFeed.com dashboard. This unlocks a wide array of sophisticated features like: Creating more SEO rich product titlesTailoring product titles to align with certain holidays (e.g., "ChatGPT, make this title relevant to Father's Day")Updating product descriptions that might be ...

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Jan 26

Leveraging Your Product Feed for PMax Success

With the roll-out of Google’s automatic migration from Smart Shopping to Performance Max Campaigns, traditional PLA is now just one of many forms that your product listings can take across Google properties. For example, PMax campaigns will place products in front of potential customers who may not be actively searching for a specific item using formats like Display and Discover Ads. The addition of a few key product attributes in your feed can give ...

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Sep 19

Google Gets Smart With Titles

Google has quietly introduced a new "enhancement" to Shopping ad titles, referred to in their [title] attribute documentation as Optimized titles. Google will dynamically prepend product features or attributes to the front of your PLA title using values from the product feed that offer the best match to the customer’s search query, separating these attributes from the product title with hyphens. A real life example of this new feature in action can be found ...

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Aug 07

Simpler "Is Brand in Title" Dynamic Attribute Comparisons

Today, VersaFeed launches a simpler way to check dynamic product attributes for feed searches and modification/exclusion rule interfaces. Searches like "is Brand in Title" or "is MPN in the Description" have always been available in VersaFeed — but today they become much easier to implement with Dynamic Attribute Comparisons. Dynamic Attribute Comparisons can be utilized with any feed search, feed modification, or exclusion rule. When creating these filters and rules, simply click the down arrow ...

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Jul 02

Importing Additional Product Data with Supplemental Files

When creating optimized product feeds you will often receive additional "supplemental" file data in Excel or CSV that is separate from your product source feed. This supplemental data might contain GTINs, optimized titles, cost-of-goods data — anything really. VersaFeed's Supplemental Files feature allows users to seamlessly import the new data and integrate it into your product feeds. The supplemental file might be a one-time file that will not change. Or, it might be data hosted ...

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Feb 24

Data Feed Optimizations, Tuning, and General Maintenance using VersaFeed Feed Modifications

Feed modifications are a fundamental subsystem within VersaFeed. These "feed mods" allow clients, agencies, and VersaFeed account managers to use advanced logic to manipulate product data feeds in almost any conceivable fashion. Below are some example feed mods for common tasks: Set Set the value of a field to any number of constants and/or field values. Will completely overwrite the previous value of the field. Primarily used for appending values and setting default values ...

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Oct 02

Increasing Product Rank in Google Product Search

Before we can address how to increase rankings in Google Product Search, we need to examine exactly what criteria Google Product Search uses to determine product rank. Unfortunately, Google keeps most of this information secret — so much of our information is gleaned from observational experience over the years. Google published facts Include as much info about each product as you can. There are many product attributes that can be specified in the data feed, use ...

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Sep 08

Writing Effective Product Titles

Carefully crafted product titles can dramatically boost your inventory's visibility on the comparison shopping engines (CSE's). It can also help with SEO. Let's dive right in with some example product titles:BAD: Golf Polo, PlaidGOOD: Tommy Hilfiger Men's Golf Polo Shirt, PlaidBAD: Red Schwinn Beach CruiserGOOD: Red Schwinn "Winwood" Beach Cruiser 3-Gear BicycleWhen consumers search for your products on shopping engines we don't know what search terms they will use ...

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