Mar 08

How to Copy/Paste Product IDs for Promotions, Exclusions, Etc.

The video below details how to copy large sets of product identifiers (SKU, "group id", MPN, GTIN/UPC) from a spreadsheet into the VersaFeed system. This is commonly done to create Google Promotions, exclude items, or other feed modifications/optimizations that require operating on a large subset of product identifiers. More info on determining product identifiers.

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Mar 08

Determining Product Identifiers (SKU, "group id", MPN, GTIN/UPC)

The video below helps clients and agencies determine what product identifier to utilize when creating rules to modify your product data feeds. By explaining how you can determine if a code is a SKU, "group id", MPN, or GTIN/UPC the video enables users to select the appropriate product identifier when making any feed modification that is selected via a list of product codes.

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May 24

Google Shopping Manager Overview

Google Shopping Manager, or GSM, is VersaFeed's online software toolset that enables retailers to easily list their inventory on Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads. VersaFeed manages the technical details so merchants can make straightforward executive decisions on budgets and bidding. Watch the screencast below of Google Shopping Manager Overview: Watch Google Shopping Manager Overview on YouTube » GSM consists of 3 main parts: Data Feed CreationBid ManagementReporting & AnalysisLet's take a look at ...

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Feb 12

Google Shopping for Wine Merchants

Google has recently announced they will soon lift the restriction of listing alcohol (wine, spirits, beer) on Google Shopping. This screencast covers how to successfully list wine on Google Shopping and how to utilize VersaFeed's Google Shopping Manager (GSM) to achieve maximum results. GSM enables wine merchants to segment and bid on groups of products based on wine characteristics, such as varietal, region, color, and price. Performance reports are available with tools for ROI ...

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Jan 29

Screencast: GSM Grouping & Bidding Tutorial

This in-depth tutorial discusses how to use Google Shopping Manager's (GSM) grouping and bidding tools to create real world product groupings. John steps through various scenarios using simple methods to create, refine, and optimize groups of products for Google Shopping then shows how they translate on the AdWords side to ad groups and auto targets. VersaFeed's data feed management and GSM solution enables retailers to receive SKU-level feedback and maximize ROI on Google ...

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Jan 28

Screencast: Google Shopping Manager for AdWords Agencies

John explains the powerful product grouping tools behind Google Shopping Manager (GSM) geared towards AdWords agencies. Agencies can define custom rules using many different conditional match types which translate to super specific ad groups in AdWords. The ad groups contain auto targets for each product of the group, making both SKU-level bidding and SKU-level reporting possible. Watch on YouTube »

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Jan 14

Screencast: Google Shopping Bidding Strategies

This screencast covers Google's recommended practices for bidding on Product Listing Ads / Google Shopping campaigns and explains the advantages to VersaFeed's SKU-based grouping and bidding solution. With SKU-based targets, VersaFeed has access to the full life cycle of a product in order to draw performance data for further bid adjustments. Stay tuned for the next screencast in this series, called "Bidding in Action." Watch on YouTube »

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Nov 05

Screencast: Feed Exclusion Manager

This screencast details how to use the Feed Exclusion Manager inside your VF client account. This tool enabled clients to remove items from any shopping engine data feed based on various product attributes. For example, you can remove all items less than $50 from your Google feed only. Watch on YouTube »

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Oct 24

Screencast: Data Feeds Dashboard

Inside your VersaFeed client account is the Data Feeds dashboard. This screencast describes the features and functionality of this area, including data extractions, data feed downloads, viewing and searching data feeds, feed reports, exclusion reports, and upload times. Watch on YouTube »

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Oct 08

Screencast: Google Shopping Manager

VersaFeed's Google Shopping Manager provides a robust set of tools to manage Product Listing Ads campaigns and maximize ROI on Google Shopping. This screencast serves as a tutorial to GSM on bidding and report analysis. Watch on YouTube »

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Oct 08

Screencast: Google Shopping Overview

VersaFeed explains the nuts and bolts of the new Google Shopping search engine and its integration with Google AdWords (Product Listing Ads). Watch on YouTube »

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