Nov 07

VersaFeed & Google Local Inventory Ads

Google Local Inventory Ads ("LIA") show ads on Google to potential customers who are interested in physically purchasing items from nearby stores. If your retail business does significant in-store transactions and/or has many brick and mortar locations, LIA could be a very important revenue stream. LIA has existed since 2014 and has grown significantly since then. Google continues to add features to LIA and actively promote it — meaning it is likely a technology that ...

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Jan 10

Using FeedBackSM to Chart, Diagnose, and Fix Google Data Feeds

VersaFeed has released a powerful new feature called FeedBack, which enables merchants to see detailed information on the health and status of their data feed. FeedBack will appear as a new top-level menu item in the client accounts and can be launched by navigating to FeedBack > Google. FeedBack charts various issues and metrics in your Merchant Center feed and AdWords account over the last 30 days. In the upper right, you can click "60" or ...

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May 19

Migrating From Google Shopping Manager (GSM) to Google Shopping Campaigns (GSC)

Google has re-launched Product Listing Ads with their recently announced Google Shopping Campaigns (GSC). This article details how GSM users can migrate their existing GSM campaign to GSC and mange GSC with feed modifications moving forward. Some important notes before we get started: Google will sunset the current PLA architecture in late August 2014. At that point, Google will transition merchants to GSC via an automated and potentially error prone method. Users should manually switch ...

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Jun 25

How To Create a Simple Product Listing Ad Campaign for Google Shopping

As the new Google Shopping approaches, retailers (at a minimum) will need to create a new Google AdWords component to ensure their products continue listing. The steps below detail this process. Please keep in mind that retailers looking for a more robust solution should consider signing up for VersaFeed's Google Shopping Manager (GSM) product. Note (A): the instructions below assume that your Google Merchant Center account is active and receiving up-to-date product feeds (VersaFeed ...

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Jun 02

Google Product Search Transitions To Google Shopping

Google Announced on May 31st, 2012 that over the next several months they will be overhauling Google Product Search into a pay-per-click (PPC) environment, and will rebrand this product as Google Shopping. Google Shopping will rely heavily on the Google AdWords Product Listing Ad format which VersaFeed has supported for over a year (Google PLA's, Google AdWords Product Listing Ads, Product Listing Ads: Google AdWords Done Right). Google's official announcements:http://googlecommerce.blogspot ...

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Jun 22

Claim Your Website in Google Merchant Center

While more than one Google Account can verify a website URL, only one account has the right to upload and publish products via Google Merchant Center for a given website. VersaFeed will be creating and uploading your data feeds to this claimed account. Once you have verified your website URL with Google Webmaster Tools you can now claim your website in Google Merchant Center: 1.Sign into your Google Merchant Center account.2.On the ...

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Jun 22

Verify Your Website URL with Google

In order to claim your website URL in Google Merchant Center you first need to verify your URL with Google Webmaster Tools. This is Google's way to ensure you have ownership of a website in order to use their suite of website tools like Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics. It's relatively painless, but you do need access to your website admin area: 1.Log into Google Webmaster Tools.(Note: Make sure to ...

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Jan 05

Product Listing Ads: Google AdWords Done Right

Summary: How to promote your products, on a budget, using Google AdWords Advertising. The most popular form of online advertising is, far and away, Google AdWords. It is a proven platform that, when configured properly, can drive massive traffic to your website. The problem is, AdWords is extremely complex and professional management can cost a fortune. However, there is an elegant solution to this problem: Google AdWords Product Listing Ads Utilizing Product Listings Ads, you ...

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Aug 25

Adding Your Business to Google Places / Google Local

If you are a business owner with a website and a brick & mortar storefront, you can increase your Google visibility for free by adding your business to Google Places. Google Places is simply Google's method of allowing companies to register information about their physical store. Google then uses this information in a variety of ways to boost your store's online presence. Here are some examples: A search on Google for "San Francisco pet ...

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Jul 08

Google Product Search Seller Ratings, Part 3

In previous blog entries we've looked at the importance of Google Product Search "seller ratings" and how to use Google Checkout to obtain these ratings. This blog entry will focus on an alternative way of obtaining seller ratings utilizing ResellerRatings was founded in 1996 and allows consumers to review online merchants. They are generally regarded as fair to both merchants and consumers. We are interested in ResellerRatings because Google periodically extracts merchant ...

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Jul 08

Google Product Search Seller Ratings, Part 2

Last blog we discussed the best methods to have "seller ratings" listed next to your products on Google Product Search. We focused on two methods: using Google Checkout, and using This article will focus on the first option, Google Checkout. While Google Checkout doesn't seem like a product that has anything to do with customer reviews, it actually does. Part of the Google Checkout system includes automated emails which request reviews from ...

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Jul 08

Google Product Search Seller Ratings - Part 1

(This post has two sequel posts: Part 2 and Part 3) While searching on Google Product Search you'll frequently notice that some merchants have a "reviews" or "seller ratings" listed next to their store (see example). These ratings are incredibly important as consumers are more willing to do business with retailers they consider trustworthy — even if the product price is not the lowest. Google seller ratings consist of a 1 to 5 star visual ...

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