Apr 12

Merchant Integration with Google Shopping Actions

In addition to the steps VersaFeed must take (previous article), merchants must also undertake action to integrate with Google Shopping Actions, or GSA. Merchants will need to: Receive new orders from GSAConfirm back to GSA once an order has been shippedProcess the so-called "unhappy" path (returns and cancellations)There are three primary ways for clients to accomplish these tasks: 1 Utilize Google Merchant Center (GMC) to manually manage the entire process.GMC enables customer service ...

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Apr 12

VersaFeed Integration with Google Shopping Actions

VersaFeed supports Google Shopping Actions in several ways. VersaFeed will optimize and tune your product feed -- taking your standard Google Merchant Center feed and getting it ready for Google Shopping Actions, or GSA. The product feed is the primary method that GSA receives product information and is therefore critical to a successful GSA rollout. VersaFeed does the following to prepare a merchant for GSA:1Begin to increase the frequency of product updates being pushed into ...

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Apr 12

Google Shopping Actions Overview

Google Shopping Actions (GSA) is generally considered Google's platform to compete with Amazon. It's a marketplace system where customers find products, checkout, and pay on Google.com--never visiting the merchant’s website directly. Consumers can find products on Google web properties (most notably search) as well as Google Assistant (using their voice on an Android phone or Google Home speaker). There are hints that Google will also surface products in GSA on TV ...

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Nov 07

VersaFeed & Google Local Inventory Ads

Google Local Inventory Ads ("LIA") show ads on Google to potential customers who are interested in physically purchasing items from nearby stores. If your retail business does significant in-store transactions and/or has many brick and mortar locations, LIA could be a very important revenue stream. LIA has existed since 2014 and has grown significantly since then. Google continues to add features to LIA and actively promote it — meaning it is likely a technology that ...

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