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Jan 08 2024

Scientific A/B Testing for Products Feeds and PLAs

How often do A/B tests run only to yield inconclusive data? Especially in the data feed and PLA world, the problem is prevalent. VersaFeed's new Dynamic Experiment solution solves this problem once and for all.Our dynamic system will…

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May 31 2022

Data Feed Considerations When Replatforming

Over our 16 years in business building data feeds for retail clients, we've experienced quite a number of ecommerce replatforms. Our #1 recommendation on this is to plan for problems.  There's always going to be something that comes u…

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Mar 03 2022

Preparing for Planned Site Outages

From time-to-time, websites need to come offline for maintenance. There's no way of telling Google about this, so when they perform their regular checks of your data feed against your site it sets off a wave of events, which can include pr…

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