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Oct 09 2012

VersaFeed Source Feed/API Details

Most retailers should submit their inventory to VersaFeed utilizing the source feed format detailed below. Retailers requiring API integration can jump to the API notes below.

Important Notes

Field Specifications

Required Fields:

Highly Recommended Fields:



Many products will have multiple variations. For apparel retailers, this information is highly recommended. Variant products in the TSV file only need specify attributes that are different than the parent product (although retailers can duplicate information on each row if desired).

Custom Attributes:

VersaFeed recommends including additional product information even if it does not correlate to an attribute described below. Do this by adding columns prefixed with "c:". For example, a "memory" attribute could be titled "c:memory" and the column might have data such as "8GB", "16GB", etc.

Advanced (Optional):

Download source feed template

Download a sample XLS template file for your reference. *Please note, the file must be saved as "text (tab-delimited)" before submission to VersaFeed.


API Notes

If your ecommerce team would prefer that VersaFeed use your API to pull in product information, that is OK too. Note that this can result in additional fees as VersaFeed software engineers will need to write code to interact with your API.

Provide API Documentation:

Please provide your VersaFeed onboarding rep with all of your API documentation. This must include information on your various API endpoints and data structures passed at those endpoints. Examples of the kind of documentation VersaFeed is looking for are noted below:

Note: if your API documentation is not complete or inaccurate, VersaFeed may not be able to onboard your store using your API.

Additional API Requirements