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Jan 21 2020

Scheduled Feed Modifications

VersaFeed is excited to announce the release of a highly anticipated new feature: Scheduled Feed Modifications. This new feature allows users to schedule complex feed changes anytime in the future without manual oversight.

Need to setup promotions or launch new products at midnight on Saturday? With feed mods, changes can be setup in advance ensuring a better night's sleep for marketing and technical teams!


  1. Create/edit the desired feed modification.
  2. In the Schedule section, click the "Add Change-Event" button and set the time to enable (or pause!) the modification. Note: You can schedule as many Change-Events as you want, each will pause/unpause the rule at the desired time.
  3. Click "Save Changes" when done.


Feed mods do not actually trigger a feed creation, they only pause or unpause rules. So, make sure:

To schedule a one-off import:

  1. Go to Products tab > Import Settings > Schedule tab
  2. Click >
  3. Start Time: enter the date and time you would like the update to start (hint: this should generally be same as the Change-Event time).
  4. Click "Save Changes"


Timed Feed Mods are available for all VersaFeed clients today!