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Jun 24 2014

New Feature: Feed Modification Rulesets

Previously, Feed Modifications were one large list of modifications made to the feed. With Feed Modification Rulesets, clients can now create groups of feed mods for better readability and management. In addition, feed mods now come in two flavors "Freeform" or "Single Field" (further details here).

Premium and Enterprise accounts will see these new features immediately. Base packages will continue to utilize the previous version of Feed Modifications.

Ruleset Groups

Each list element in the screenshot above contains a group or "ruleset" of feed modifications. In this case, we've split up our feed mods into groups like "Title modifications", "Set Product Gender", and "Google Shopping Custom Labels".

Each of these rulesets can be clicked on to view the individual feed mods that comprise the group. This is done for organizational purposes and also simplifies import/export of modifications.

Once we click on "Title modifications" we are presented with the list of feed modifications inside that ruleset:

Individual Ruleset

For this ruleset, the 4 feed modifications are optimizing the product title attribute.

Need VersaFeed "Rulesets" enabled on your account? Contact your account manager to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise service level at any time.