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Jun 24 2014

New Feature: New Feed Modification Types

Premium and Enterprise accounts now have access to two different styles of Feed Modifications: "Freeform" and "Single Field".

Freeform Mods

Freeform feed modifications are the standard, older style of feed modifications that base accounts default to. Freeform feed modifications can range from basic to highly advanced, with a large variety of modification action types available including set, find & replace, calculations, and regular expressions. With Freeform rules, clients can modify any product attribute in any feed. All freeform modification rules in a given ruleset are executed on all items.

Example Freeform Rules

Single Field Mods

Single Field feed modifications are simpler, but execute slightly differently. There are two major differences with Single Field mods:

  1. each ruleset only applies to one product attribute
  2. each item can only match one rule

The rules are executed from top to bottom. Items "cascade" or "waterfall" from one rule to the next until it matches. Once an item matches a given rule, it is ineligible of matching any other rules in the ruleset. Because of this, Single Field mods are ideal for setting shipping rates or creating Google Shopping Custom Labels, where items are segmented distinctly into specific groups for a given product attribute.

Example Single Field Rules

VersaFeed Freeform and Single Field feed modifications make it easier to optimize and customize your data feeds. Contact your account manager to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise service level at any time.