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Jun 24 2014

New Feature: Import/Export for Everything

Premium and Enterprise accounts will now have the ability to import/export rules for all of the VersaFeed tools interfaces, including:

Import/export features utilize CSV files that can be easily modified in programs like Microsoft Excel. By working in a spreadsheet, merchants can easily modify various VersaFeed account settings in bulk.

Merchants will find upload/download links in the various VersaFeed dashboard pages as shown below:

Click the "Download" button to download a current snapshot of your rules; click "Upload File" to upload a local file with your rules back to VersaFeed.

Example use cases include:

Remove or include large SKU lists:

  1. create a few sample exclusions via the VersaFeed dashboard
  2. download the CSV file
  3. modify the CSV file in Excel to add/remove items in bulk
  4. upload modified CSV through VersaFeed dashboard

Applying many Google Shopping custom labels

  1. create example custom labels via VersaFeed Feed Modifications
  2. download the examples in CSV
  3. modify CSV in Excel to add custom labels in bulk
  4. uploaded modified CSV through VersaFeed dashboard

VersaFeed CSV import/export features enable premium and enterprise users to easily modify feeds in bulk. Contact your account manager to upgrade to Premium or Enterprise service level at anytime.