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Jul 03 2014

New Feature: On Demand Product Import

The VersaFeed dashboard now allows merchants to re-scan their product inventory with the click of a button. Retailers can start this process by clicking Start New Import as seen in the screenshot below:

When starting a new product import, clients have various options:

Retailers that simply need their latest inventory uploaded should check the box Upload new feeds after import finishes. Retailers testing new feed modifications or exclusions may wish to hold off on the uploads until they have had a chance to review the changes. If an email is entered, VersaFeed will send a summary email immediately after the import finishes and the feeds are generated.

If the Upload option is left unchecked, the feeds won't be uploaded until the next scheduled import, giving clients a chance to review the feeds, make any changes, and re-run the import if necessary. Once the new feeds are acceptable, clients can click the new Upload link located next to individual feeds to upload the feed immediately.

VersaFeed On Demand product import gives clients a new level of control to both inventory management and feed modifications. On Demand is available for all Premium and Enterprise customers — contact your VersaFeed account manager to enable On Demand functionality today!