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Apr 06 2015

Downloading a CSV Version of Your XML Feed

Please use the following method to download a CSV version of a feed that is natively in XML format.

Login to your VersaFeed account here:

If you do not have a VersaFeed account please contact your account manager to create one.

Click the dropdown menu "Feeds" then "Feeds & Imports"
Find the feed you wish to download in CSV format on the page. Note that we list the latest 3 feeds for each feed we generate.
Click the "Search" button for that feed you wish to download in CSV.
Once the search page has loaded, click the "Download Results" button in the top right. If your feed is large, it may take some time.
The file you download will be CSV format. Note that this file will NOT necessarily be Google/Bing/Etc compliant, but it will allow you to see the feed in CSV format. Put another way, we do not recommend uploading this feed directly to Google/Bing/Etc -- you should use our system to natively do the uploads.