Jan 05

Product Listing Ads: Google AdWords Done Right

Summary: How to promote your products, on a budget, using Google AdWords Advertising.

The most popular form of online advertising is, far and away, Google AdWords. It is a proven platform that, when configured properly, can drive massive traffic to your website.

The problem is, AdWords is extremely complex and professional management can cost a fortune. However, there is an elegant solution to this problem:

Google AdWords Product Listing Ads

Utilizing Product Listings Ads, you can promote your inventory on Google without utilizing a full-service AdWords management company. How? You no longer need to write advertising copy and create keywords lists! In addition, conversion rates are actually higher.

Here is a short Google video explaining Product Listing Ads:

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Product Listing Ads use your product data feed (a formatted list of all of your products) to create high visibility, image-based ads on Google. Because the ads are automatically created, management fees for these campaigns are much lower. And as noted in the video, conversion rates are actually higher than with text based ads.

Product Listing Ads are the future of low cost online advertising. VersaFeed can create and manage your Product Listing Ads for a low monthly fee — contact us today to get started!

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