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VersaFeed's expert team guides you through the world of
product feeds, delivering timely results when needed most.
Hands-on clients can be provided a login to access powerful tools in the VF portal.

Product Import

VersaFeed extracts product data from source feeds, databases, and ecommerce platforms.
We can even crawl websites for data with advanced spider technology.

On Demand

Aside from the regularly schedule product imports, clients can run product data imports "on demand" and analyze recent feed modifications and other rules. Options include email notifications and auto uploads, however,
feed uploads can also be initiated at any time.

Field Mappings

See and control your field mappings from source fields to VF internal fields. Internal fields are then translated into feed fields inline with feed specifications. Helpful previews show the top 3 source values in each field.

Rule-based System

Target products with extreme granularity and perform hi-tech operations on your data.

We provide every kind of selection technique imaginable for endless manipulation of your data.
If you can think of another way to segment your data, we'll add it!


Match types


Feed Categorization

Use a combination of direct and automated category rules to assign item categories per engine.

Harness VersaFeed's AI engine with highly customizable automated rules for
matching thousands of items within a given taxonomy range.

Feed Modifications

Probably the most sophisticated components of the VersaFeed system.
Choose one of two modification interfaces:

Select from above to see a sample of each feed modification interface.

Feed Exclusions

Remove products from feeds

Stay compliant by not allowing certain products per engine. Build "top seller" inclusion lists for ultra-targeted campaigns.
VersaFeed's rule-based system streamlines simple product selections while allowing for
extremely complex multi-rule compound selections.

Feed Summary

Useful summaries of each feed help you analyze your data and monitor desired changes from other tools.
Find issues using feed summaries inspect with feed searches control with feed mods.

AdWords "Shopping" Campaigns

The "Single Field" feed modification interface is ideal for setting any of the AdWords Custom Labels.

After the labels are inserted into the product feed, simply subdivide the products
into product groups defined by the labels' values and bid accordingly.


Analyze changes to your data over time. Choose either raw source data or deliverable shopping feeds.


Peer into Google Merchant Center's Diagnostics area and cross-reference the reported errors with your feed data.
In addition, VersaFeed has internal monitoring to spot trends and alert you with any urgent issues.
VersaFeed also monitors import failures, low product counts, stale source feeds, and more.

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