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How To Grant VersaFeed AdWords Access

Find your Google AdWords Customer ID. This can be found by logging into your Google AdWords account and looking at the top right of any page. It is a ten digit number formatted like so "Customer ID: 123-456-7890".
Send us your AdWords Customer ID via email, phone, secure message, or GSM signup form in the VersaFeed dashboard.
We will then request access to your AdWords account. This is a manual process and may take up to 1 business day.
Once we have requested access, go back to your AdWords account, click the gear shaped icon (at the top right of your screen), then "Account settings", then "Account access" (top left of screen).
You should then see an area of the screen titled "Client managers" with "VersaFeed Channel Management" in the list. Click the "Accept request" button for our request.

If you do not see our request, you may need to wait additional time for VersaFeed to make the account access request (step 3).

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