Aug 16

Goodbye Cashback, Hello Bing Shopping

On June 4th, Bing announced they were retiring the Cashback shopping program in favor of something else. It looks as if most of the dust has finally settled and we now have a fairly accurate look at where Bing Shopping will be headed:

1)  It's a free shopping engine, with no pay-per-click or pay-per-action (aka CPA) fees of any kind. This is obviously going to attract a lot of new retailers to list with Bing, and is a great opportunity for retailers on a limited marketing budget to still get traction.

2)  Because there's no Cashback component, integration is simple. You don't need to modify your website with tracking codes etc. For retailers using VersaFeed service, simply contact us and we can get your store listing. If you're not using VersaFeed you'll need to:
  • Visit this site (renders best in IE for unknown reasons):
  • Download the PDF on that page (it details the data feed specifications for Bing) and follow the instructions inside.
  • Apply for an account by clicking the "merchant application form" on the above page.
3)  Unfortunately, the signup process for Bing is still a manual process (they review every new store for approval). However, Microsoft has indicated they will have a self-service feed signup process within a few months. This will be a huge help in getting more retailers listing quickly.

For all of the above reasons, we highly recommend ecommerce retailers to consider listing on Bing. Have data feed questions about Bing Shopping? Need help? Request a free demo and we will take a look at your store and give you honest advice.

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