May 24

Google Shopping Manager Overview

Google Shopping Manager, or GSM, is VersaFeed's online software toolset that enables retailers to easily list their inventory on Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads. VersaFeed manages the technical details so merchants can make straightforward executive decisions on budgets and bidding.

Watch the screencast below of Google Shopping Manager Overview:

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GSM consists of 3 main parts:

  • Data Feed Creation
  • Bid Management
  • Reporting & Analysis
Let's take a look at these one by one...

GSM Data Feed Creation

VersaFeed creates data feeds which contain your product inventory, and distributes these feeds every day to Google and other shopping engines. VersaFeed optimizes every aspect of the feed to ensure your products have high visibility.

GSM Bid Management

GSM bidding tools enable retailers to set bids on their products intuitively. Want to create a bid for all Nike products over $100? (pause 4 seconds) It's easy. Need to set a more advanced bid? That's easy too.

For example, we can bid on items that:

  • have "sandal" in their title
  • AND have more than 50 items in stock
  • AND brand is "Reebok"
  • AND do not contain the word leather in the product description
Using GSM, merchants can create powerful bidding rules via a simple interface.

  • GSM also allows merchants to add promotional text directly to ads.
  • Quick preview tools allow you to see how many items your bids match.
  • A drag and drop interface makes changing bid priorities quick and painless.

GSM Reporting & Analysis

GSM reporting shows important statistics for each of your product groups including click cost, revenue, and ROI. In addition, unlike other tools on the market, SKU level performance metrics are available for every individual item. If you find products that are underperforming, simply move them in to a group with lower bids.

Google Shopping Manager by VersaFeed is currently used by hundreds of merchants to manage millions of items. Interested in seeing how VersaFeed can help grow your online sales? Contact us via email or phone.

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