Migrating From Google Shopping Manager (GSM) to Google Shopping Campaigns (GSC)

Migrating From Google Shopping Manager (GSM) to Google Shopping Campaigns (GSC)

Google has re-launched Product Listing Ads with their recently announced Google Shopping Campaigns (GSC). This article details how GSM users can migrate their existing GSM campaign to GSC and mange GSC with feed modifications moving forward.

Some important notes before we get started:

  • Google will sunset the current PLA architecture in late August 2014. At that point, Google will transition merchants to GSC via an automated and potentially error prone method. Users should manually switch to GSC using the steps below to avoid the automated process.
  • Please read all steps before actually starting the transition. Step 6 in particular can be time consuming so allocate an appropriate amount of time before starting.
  • Google has their own GSC transition document located here https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/4637089. Google's document does not take into account GSM but does provide a solid overview nonetheless.

Migration Process

1. Learn

Please familiarize yourself with GSC via VersaFeed's 3 GSC blog posts (Overview, Details, Best Practices). As a data feed provider, VersaFeed's primary directive is to create high quality feeds. VersaFeed does not manage AdWords so it is imperative that merchants have at least a basic understanding of GSC.

2. Feed Modifications

Once you are using GSC, our Feed Modifications interface is where you will be able to edit the Custom Labels in your feed. See step 5 for how to use these labels in AdWords. In preparation of this transition, VersaFeed is already setting Custom Label 4 in your Google feed to the ad "Group" name in your currently active GSM Bidding ruleset. You can see this in the Google feed's Summary in your client account (Feeds > Data Feeds > click Summary button on latest Google feed).

3. Schedule Conversion

Contact your account manager to schedule a conversion date. On this date, VersaFeed will convert your currently active GSM bidding ruleset into a Feed Modification ruleset and disable the GSM interface in your client account. Feed Modifications is where clients can make changes to any field in any feed we create. After the conversion, you will see your bidding ruleset as a feed modification ruleset. Per step 2, nothing will change in the Google feed because we are already setting Custom Label 4 — the only difference will be where you go in your VF client account to edit the Custom Labels.

NOTE: This conversion will not interact or sync with anything in your AdWords account. It will not create your new GSC campaign nor affect your current GSM campaign's groupings, bids, etc. We are merely turning off the syncing to your GSM campaign and creating a new area in your VF client account to manage GSC labels. You will most likely want to schedule the conversion after you create your GSC campaign to minimize your Google Shopping campaign downtime.

4. Create GSC

You will need to decide when you are ready to start using the new style GSC campaigns. You can create your GSC campaign in AdWords now, or after the conversion date. In AdWords, go to the campaigns area and create a new Google Shopping Campaign. You will most likely want to duplicate any important campaign settings from the GSM campaign (e.g., geographic targets, daily budget, etc.).

5. Subdivide

Inside your new Google Shopping Campaign you will find a default "All products" product group. Click the "+" icon to "Subdivide" your products.

You will then be presented with a popup box. If you are attempting to mirror the structure of your current GSM campaign change the dropdown "Subdivide All products by" to "Custom label 4". You will see a box similar to below, however, yours will be populated with your various groups from GSM. Add your groups to the right-hand panel and click "Save" when done.

6. Bid

Walk through your product groups and set bids. This process can be time consuming if you have hundreds of bids you are trying to duplicate from a complex SKU-based GSM campaign. Unfortunately, Google has made this transition to GSC a requirement and all Google AdWords users across the board must go through a similar process. This is assuming you are setting up your campaign similar to GSM. You don't need to match the bids from GSM, especially if you are utilizing a new grouping/bidding strategy with GSC.

7. Enable/Pause Campaigns

On the conversion date, you will want to pause the GSM campaign and enable the GSC campaign (if not already). The conversion date is the day VersaFeed stops syncing your GSM bidding ruleset to your GSM campaign. You can also pause GSM and enable GSC at any time before the transition date.

You are now done with the migration, congratulations!