Oct 31

VersaFeed Image IQ

Image IQ is a VersaFeed technology that modifies merchant images to be more customer engaging and channel compliant. By ensuring your products have the best possible images, merchants can drive more clicks and sales.

Image IQ primarily works on three common image problems:

1 Backgrounds

Merchant images are often shot with grey or beige backdrops and/or lifestyle elements. However, most advertising channels (Google Shopping included) need images to have white or transparent backgrounds.

To solve this, Image IQ removes backgrounds and extraneous info so the customer's focus is exclusively on your product.

2 Centering

Product shots can sometimes be off-center or have the product zoomed out too far (too much white space). For Google Shopping and other channels, it usually makes sense to have your image front and center. Image IQ adjusts your products to be centered and zoomed in where appropriate.

3 Promotional Overlays

Product images sometimes come from the manufacturer or catalog teams with promotional text overlays. Examples like "FREE SHIPPING" or "BOX INCLUDES 10 ITEMS" are common examples. Image IQ can remove these promotional overlay texts to comply with Google Shopping and other channel requirements.

Interested in making Image IQ work for your product catalog? Contact your VersaFeed rep today to get a custom quote to service your image needs.

Please note: Image IQ is a beta product and may not work for your images. Fees vary from retailer to retailer based on the complexity of your image optimization needs.

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