Dec 10

Top 10 Data Feed Tips & Tricks

Looking for some sure-fire methods to maximize your exposure on the shopping engines? These time-proven techniques will help ensure your success on comparison shopping engines:

Craft your product titles carefully. Product titles are given extreme importance on the shopping engines when matching against consumer searches. Ensure you include the brand, what the product is, and any distinguishing features. More info on product titles »
Focus on the three free comparison shopping engines first: Google Product Search, TheFind, and Bing Shopping. List on Amazon Product Ads next, and consider other pay-per-click shopping engines only for products with healthy profit margins.
Upload your product feed every 24-48 hours, even if no products have changed. Shopping engines want fresh data so make sure they have it!
At a bare minimum, include five basic attributes for every product:
  • title
  • description
  • price
  • product link
  • image link
  • UPC (optional: However, if your products have UPC codes, you should consider this required)

Use simple shipping rules and configure your shopping engine accounts with this information. Having simple shipping rules (free, flat rate, or flat rate in tiers) ensures shopping engines can show your total checkout price accurately. This also helps increase visitors and conversion rates.
Completely configure your shopping engine accounts. Each shopping engine wants to know all of the details about your store; filling this information out completely and accurately can help your product rankings.
If you are listing on pay-per-click comparison shopping engines, have some ROI monitoring software in place (we recommend Google Analytics with the ecommerce component enabled). Check for underperforming items and remove them from your feeds.
Categorize your products correctly. Every shopping engine has their own taxonomy (categorization system) -- ensure your products have appropriate categories.
Use Google Checkout if you are looking to boost Google Product Search performance. Your can earn a Google "seller rating" and have your items badged with the Google Checkout logo as well.
Ensure your website is modern. It should load pages quickly and have a professional look and feel.
Put VersaFeed's comparison shopping expertise to work for your company. VersaFeed can completely manage your data feeds for a low monthly fee. Request a free demo today for tips and tricks suited to your specific industry.

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