Google Shopping Manager

VersaFeed's Google Shopping Manager (GSM) is an advanced bidding tool that maximizes ROI on Google Shopping.

GSM analyzes trends in your products' performance, generates reports that are easy to understand, and allows retailers to make bid adjustments. By managing the entire lifecycle of bid management (bidding, reporting, and modifications), retailers can easily tune campaigns by increasing bids on profitable products, and decreasing bids on poor performers.

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GSM utilizes the Google AdWords and Analytics APIs to access detailed performance information down to the SKU level. While the GSM product also enables retailers to see broad performance indicators (e.g., brand or category performance), SKU level adjustments are critical to fine-tune your Google Shopping campaign and maximize ROI.

GSM Features

  • Provides complete lifecycle management of Google Shopping
  • Enables robust bidding management (down to the SKU level)
  • Provides high-level reporting by SKU, brand, category, and price point
  • Maximizes revenue from Google while helping minimize PPC costs

GSM Requirements

  • Google AdWords account
  • Google Analytics with Ecommerce enabled
  • Current VersaFeed data feed client